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Added by GGNZ National Programme Team. Activity to explore what girls in a Pacific country would eat as part of a balanced diet in comparison to what our Guides eat


Supermarket brochures/flyers


• If you have someone in your community who is knowledgeable on this topic, invite them along to speak/share on this

• Common food items in the Pacific Islands: Chicken, canned tuna, whole fish, fish heads and tails, taro, cassava, yams, root and leaves, white bread, fresh fruit such as oranges, pineapple, pawpaw, eggs. Packaged food and frozen foods are not known to be common in the islands

Investigation Activity:

• Bring in collected supermarket flyers and catalogues – this could also be on your term programme notice for what to bring for this week of Guides or in the weeks prior in preparation for this activity

• Patrols go through the flyers and cut out all the food items that they eat as part of their meals and snacks. They could sort them into groups according to meals i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks

• Once this is completed tell them that they are now on their way to visit the Pacific Islands – Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, etc. Optional: Patrols to make a circuit of the space in pretend plane or boat to arrive in a Pacific Island, could use boxes, hoops, pool noodles as paddles, other props, etc.

• Once Patrols have arrived in the Pacific Island (back to their pictures of food), it is time to discover what food items they will eat. Leader now calls out the scenarios (below) to create the new diet. As each scenario is called out the girls remove and/or rearrange their food pictures, you could have paper available for girls to draw any other food that comes up that they do not have a picture for e.g. seaweed

• Discuss at the end how the diet in a Pacific Island is different from their diet here in NZ

Scenarios: (Traditional diet scenarios)
- Dad has been fishing and caught some fish for dinner
- Vegetables that you helped your Mum plant are now ready to eat – corn, eggplant, potatoes, beans. As well as green leafy plants like taro leaves, cabbage, and lettuce
- Seafood is abundant in the Pacific Islands – it is likely you will eat some seafood every day in some islands
- Fresh fruit grows well – melons, mangoes, pineapple, coconut, bananas, breadfruit, etc.
- Fresh vegetables and nuts for lunch and dinner - taro, sweet potatoes and yam are common
- You will not find many dairy products or processed packaged food (discuss what these are and give examples to the girls), these are uncommon in the islands because, these foods would have to be imported
- You may have some red meat, it is expensive because it is imported – so you may have this once a week. However, pork and chicken you will eat as these can be produced on the island.


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