Flower Pot Linking Ceremony

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Linking ceremony for a single or group of brownies to guides with an edible dessert.


Clear plastic cup (or other cup to takeaway) filled with Chocolate dairy food/pudding for each brownie.
"Soil" - Bowl/cup of crushed oreos or chocolate hail
"Seed" - Lolly for each brownie e.g. malteser, jaffa
"Plant" - Sprig of herb (e.g. mint, rosemary) for each brownie.

Watering can
Flower (fake) or flower sticker or flower themed item for each Brownie to take home with them.
Speaking notes


You will need Guide(s) who have had their role explained to them to:
Show the brownies how to make the chocolate puddings
Pretend to water the Brownies
Give the Brownies their gift
Lead the Brownies into horseshoe

The Guides sit in horseshoe around. The Brownies who are linking receive their link badge from their Brownie leader and then crouch or kneel in a small circle at the opening of the horseshoe. Each has their cup and the soil and seed handy. One Guide shows the brownies what to do during the story.


Leader 1: Once upon a time there were (#) Brownies who planted some seeds (Brownies plant "Seed" by placing it in the middle of their pudding, and sprinkling over some "Soil"). Every week the Brownies watched their plants and every week the plants grew a little bigger a little stronger.

Leader 2: Little did the Brownies know that the exact same thing was happening to them. Each week when the girls came to Brownies to play with their friends they were also growing bigger and stronger by learning new skills, new games and new songs.

Leader 1 (Brownie leader): Each week the Brownies watered their plants and each week the Brownies themselves were watered by their leaders and their friends from Guides. (Guides pretend to water the Brownies with watering cans). The Leaders and Guides sprinkled the growing Brownies with good turns, new games and knowledge about Brownies around the world.

Leader 2: Sometimes the Brownies took their plants outside into the sunshine to help them grow even bigger. The Brownies didn't need sunshine to grow, but they did need [camping trips, bike rides, visits to the Police station and trips to the Fire hall] (add any other activities the Brownies may have done in their time at brownies).

Leader 1: Finally, after the plants and Brownies had been growing for a long time, (Brownies place their plant in the soil) some for as long as two years, the Leaders decided that the Brownies could no longer grow any bigger in the Brownie garden. It was time for them and their plants to be transplanted into a new garden the garden of Guides.

Guides - stand up: Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Brownies - stand up: By opening doors and taking on new challenges it's off to Guides we go!

(Nominated Guides go and take the new brownies and their plants into the horseshoe)

Leader: Welcome to Guides! We are so excited to have you join us. (A nominated guide gives each Brownie a flower momento) (Name of Guide) now has a little token to remember your first night at Guides and we hope you enjoy your pudding later at home. We look forward to enrolling you as members of our unit at the end of this term.


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