CR2-3 Drawing

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Introduction: Drawing is a powerful way to develop children’s perception and thought and is a skill that can be improved through practice and direction. Drawing can encourage children’s observation and recollection and encourage creative expression of ideas and feelings. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack CR-2-3


• Paper
• Pens/Pencils
• Flip chart
• Rolls of old wallpaper
• Pens, coloured pens, black marker pens
• Scissors
• Small notebook or pad of paper


Activity 1 - Upside Down Heads

Aim: To get the children to enjoy drawing and unlock their creativity and imaginations.

Lay the table with chairs facing opposite each or and with pens accessible. Put one piece of paper between each pair with a large oval shape already drawn on it. Use a marker pen to draw this.

• The children work in pairs to create a top and bottom drawing of a persons face.
• The children sit opposite each other with one piece of paper. Tell them that they are artists and that they will be drawing a portrait of a person today.
• Tell them that the oval on the paper is a face and that they must in turn draw features on paper.
• They need to use what the other person has drawn to make up the face that they see from their side of the paper.
• So one child may draw a smile on his side which the other child may use as an eyebrow for his face. Because each child’s view is upside-down in relation to the others features added will take on a different meaning for each child. if one draws a mouth it could be frown lines from the other child’s perspective. In the same way, the eyebrows that one child draws could look like bags under the eyes of the others face.
• By the time they have completed their drawing, the children will have created two completely different faces. Who knows which will be the right way up?

You could get two leaders to do this first so that the children can see what they need to do.

Activity 2 - Doodlemania

Aim: To learn to draw with your eyes closed and to have fun doing it!

Have some words written on paper and hand them out to each child,

• This is a doodling activity that the children will love — it is also a game so they will have fun and enjoy the challenge. It can be done in two ways — either by using a flip chart or by using pens and paper at tables. It can be an individual exercise or a group game for all ages.
• If playing individually get a leader or child who may not be able to participate to call out an object (a bus, banana, hanger, rocket, dog etc) and the children must then with eyes closed try to draw the object.
• Encourage the children to keep their eyes closed and not be tempted to cheat.
• When the drawing is finished, get everyone to look at their picture and enjoy the results — they will be funny.
• If you are doing this as a group then give each child a word and they will come and draw it on the flip chart and then the group must try to guess what the child was drawing. Use a blindfold for this group activity.

Encourage the children to laugh at themselves and enjoy this as fun and non competitive.

Activity 3 - My Body

Aim: To get an outline of each child and to get them to be creative and draw themselves as they think they are.

• Children work in pairs to draw around each other on the paper.
• You can then cut that piece of paper off the roll and each child can go away and work on their body adding features, a face, fingers, clothes, hair etc.
• They may like to do this lying on the floor or at a table. Because of the size of each piece of paper it will be easier to work on the floor if that is possible.
• Give the children the choice to cut around their bodies if they want a cut out.
• If they are stuck for ideas give them a theme for themselves. Pirate, Cowboy, Fairy etc.

Give the children plenty of time to make their drawings. This is a very self expressive exercise and will give you a good idea of how the children see themselves. Try not to influence them but just go around and encourage each child.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
The pictures could be displayed on the wall (if you have space) for a few weeks and then they can take them home. If you have teams the pictures could be put together where you show their points on the wall.

Activity 4 - Animation Flipbook

Aim: To get the children to create a small animation book.

An animated cartoon is made up of a series of drawings that are shown quickly, one after the other, so that the figures appear to move. Your children can bring their own drawings to life by making a flipbook.

• Tell the children to choose an action to draw in their flipbook. ideas run from a face changing from sad to happy, a person walking, a dolphin playing to a boy kicking a ball.
• On the last page of the flipbook, have the children draw the first picture in their activity sequence (e.g. the sad face).
• On the next page, they draw the same picture but with a small difference (e.g. the mouth turning up a little).
• Then draw each picture slightly changed from the previous until the activity sequence is complete.
• Demonstrate how to flip the pages back to front to see their handmade personal animation.

It maybe hard for some to think creatively so it is good to stimulate them with ideas. If you can make a few flip books for them to see first that would encourage them.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
• If it is possible to show the children some animation it would be good to give them an idea that this is how the flipbook becomes one of their favourite movies. Go to and you can show them a short film. There is also a How we do it” page.
• If technology is not possible then show them some images of flipbooks and make one before to show them. They can be very, very, simple.
• If you are interested in getting a book on this then - Flipbook Animation and Other Ways To Make Your Cartoons Move Written and Illustrated By Patrick Jenkins

Devotion Links:
For Activity 3-Psalm 139
For you created my inmost being: you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because lam fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.
God knows each one of us by name because He created us individually and perfectly. He loves each one of us because He made us and he wants us to know Him too.

For full details refer to the BB Junior Pro Pack CR2-3


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