Orienteering game (in a open field)

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A series of bean-canes with Orienteering "flags" on them are laid out in a very large matrix, in this case 3 x 7. Each flag has a number on the back. The YPs are given a map and a piece of paper on which to write the letter from the flag down. These letters then should spell out a scouting phrase.


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Lay out the paper flags on bean-canes (or similar) in a large 3 x7 matrix (bigger the better, i.e. minimum football pitch size). Note they must be in the sequence described the flag matrix on page two. Give each Sixer a map for the 7 at the end of this document. Explain that they must follow the route from the start (triangle) to the end (double circle) strictly in the order given by the map numbers. Ask them not to tell others or shout out the phrase the map gives them, so you can re-issue the maps to the other Sixes, without it being known (spoilt). Along with the map give each Sixer a piece of paper and a pen to write down the letters they will find on the back of each “flag.”


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