CR2-4 Monsters

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Aim: To develop their creativity and imagination and to work with a variety of different materials. Introduction: Monster crafts are a great way for children to be imaginative and creative as they are not bound by having to make the item look realistic. The ideas below can therefore be changed and any sort of leftover craft materials can be used to decorate the monsters. A collection of five activities to choose from. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack CR-2-4


Activity 1
• A nylon sock or a foot from tights or a stocking.
• Grass seed
• Sawdust
• Elastic band
• Old yogurt pot
• Wiggly eyes
• Paper, buttons, ribbon etc to decorate

Activity 2
• Felt Needle and embroidery thread
• Toy stuffing
• Fabric glue
• Wiggle eyes/gems/sequins/
• Scraps of felt/fabric
• Paint/buttons/wool scraps — whatever you can find to decorate your monster
• Monster template (or design your own!)
• Pen (to draw on felt)
• Scissors

Activity 3
• Sticky tape
• Glue
• Pink and white coloured paper/card
• Three paper plates per child - two green and one red
• Scissors

Activity 4
• Rulers
• Coloured paper
• Silver card (or white card and silver/grey pens)
• Glue sticks
• Sticky tape
• Scissors
• Pens
• Big head mask template

Activity 5
• Old Rubber glove
• Glue
• Coloured Card
• Tissue Paper
• Cotton Wool
• Pipe Cleaner
• Old Long Sock
• Wooden Spoon
• Furry Material
• Scissors


Activity 1 - Grow a Grass Head Monster

Aim: To be creative in designing a monster and to learn about how to grow things (in this case grass)

• Fill the toe of your sock with grass seed.
• Top up with sawdust until you have a ball shape.
• Fasten tightly with the elastic band.
• Decorate the yogurt pot as the body using, paper, ribbon, and whatever else you can find in your craft box!
• Stand the stocking ball in the pot with the grass seed at the top.
• Add some eyes and any other decorative bits you like.
• Keep the yogurt pot topped up with water.
• After a few weeks the head should grow hair!

Activity 2 - Felt Toy Monster

Aim: To create their own monster and decorate it creatively and to learn simple sewing skills.

The leader needs to be able to sew using a basic running stitch.

• Give each child a sufficiently large piece of felt
• Ask them to draw two monster outlines using the template.
• Cut out the two monster shapes.
• Teach the children how to thread a needle.
• Teach the children the running stitch by demonstrating it until most of them are able to copy it. Let them practise it on a spare piece of felt.
• Sew the two monster halves together around the edge using running stitch, leaving a small gap at the bottom. The children may require some assistance.
• Use the small gap to stuff the toy.
• When the toy is full, sew up the gap.
• Glue on buttons, wool scraps and anything else you have to make your monster look really scary. E.g. put a button as a nose, red felt scrap as the mouth and cut out teeth shapes from white paper to stick them on.

Activity 3 - Plate Puppet Dragon

Aim: For the children to create and decorate their own puppet.

If you cannot buy coloured paper plates you may need to paint the plates beforehand and dry.

• Fold the red plate and green plate in half to make a mouth and head.
• Use some glue around the edges to stick the back of half the green plate to the back of half the red plate and leave to dry.
• Cut the other green plate in half.
• Stick one of those two halves to half your red plate — making sure that you only use glue around the edges.
• From the left over half of the green plate, cut out two pointy dragon’s ears.
• Stick the ears on the dragon using sticky tape.
• On white paper draw to eyes and two pointy, sharp teeth and cut them out
• On the pink paper draw a long tongue and two nostrils and cut them out
• Stick all the bits onto the puppet using sticky tape or glue.
• Put your hand inside the mouth to play with the dragon puppet.

Tips /Advice:
When they are finished making the puppets, give the children adequate time to play with them.

Activity 4 - Make A Big Head Mask

Aim: For the children to create and decorate their own monster mask.

• Put the two strips of paper together in one long line and add some sticky tape at the join.
• Pick up the long strip and put it around your head.
• When you find a good fit hold it in position, take it off your head and add some sticky tape to fix it in place.
• You should now have a loop that fits around your head. The children may require some help with this stage.
• Now using a new piece of coloured card, draw a shape starting at the bottom. Cut the shape out This is the monster’s head.
• For the hair take a different piece of coloured paper and tear some little jagged pieces.
• Stick these on top of the monster head.
• For the eyebrows tear out some bushy eyebrow shapes from the same piece of paper that you used for the hair.
• Stick these to the monster head using the glue stick.
• Using the black pen draw some wavy lines on the monster’s forehead.
• For the bolts, take some silver card and draw two 1’ shapes.
• Cut these out and glue them to either side of the monster’s head.
• Take the loop that you made earlier and glue the monster head to it.

Activity 5 - Hilarious Rubber Glove Monster Head

Aim: To create and decorate their own monster hand.

• Put the wooden spoon inside the rubber glove, then till it with cotton wool and tie with a pipe cleaner at the bottom.
• Draw some creepy, pointy fingernails (triangular shapes) onto some coloured card.
• Cut out and stick onto the glove.
• Stick on some scary monster fur and scrunched up tissue paper as warts.
• Draw on some wrinkles/lines using a black marker.
• Cut the end off of a sock (carefully) and stick it onto the cuff of the glove.

Devotion Links:
Did you know there are ‘monsters’ in the bible? Tell the story of Jonah who was ‘eaten’ by a giant fish (Jonah 1:17) or David fighting the giant’ Goliath (1 Samuel 17).


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