CR2-6 Music

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Aim: Understand a broader range of musical styles. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack CR-2-6


• Paper
• Pens
• Tables
• Numbered large paper from 1-10 (could extend this according to group size)
• Small slips of numbered paper 1-10 in a hat or box


Activity1 - Clapping

Aim: To compose a short piece of clapping music for performance to the rest of the group/or leaders.

• Split your group into smaller groups of 2 to 4 children.
• Then ask each group to make a 30 second routine by clapping. An example could be one child claps slowly with a regular pulse whilst the other claps twice between each clap.
• After giving the children live minutes to complete this ask one or two groups to perform to the rest.
• Then put two groups together and give them 5 minutes to combine their routine or come up with something new.

Ensure there is sufficient time to practise. They could try a well known theme like "Match of the day"

Activity 2 - The Graphical Score

Aim: To understand and compose a graphical score.

Check out some graphical score videos on the Internet.

• A graphical score is a score which instead of using ordinary notes uses pictures or symbols to determine which sounds should be used.
• Any sound that can be made can be used all the children have to do is design a score and put sounds to it. A typical one is pictured, this just uses shapes, words and lines if an item is above the line then it is a high sound if it its below then it is a low sound if it crosses the line it goes from low to high.
• After looking at the example the children should then spend around ten minutes writing and practising their own graphical score, for performance at the end of the session.

Any sounds work for this so the more inventive they are the better.

Activity 3 - Musical Number

Aim: To enjoy music and have fun.

• Place the large numbered pieces of paper around the room.
• Put the numbered slips of paper in a hat.
• Get the children to dance around the circle to the music.
• When the music stops, ask the children to stand by the closest numbered paper on the floor.
• Get a leader to pull a slip of paper from the hat
• Call out the number and the children on that number leave the game.
• Continue until one only child is left and they are the winner.
• You could record some of the music created by the children in an earlier activity and use this.


  • clapping
  • creativity
  • music
  • musical

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