CR2-8 Balloon Modelling

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Aim: To make different objects out of balloons. Introduction: Balloon modelling is a fun activity that requires skill and concentration. Although balloon modelling can be associated with clowns it is something that anyone can do. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack CR-2-8


• Modelling balloons (sufficient for children + spares)
• Balloon pump (or lots of puff)


Activity 1 - Basic Animal

Aim: To make an animal out of balloons.

Follow the instructions step by step (see diagram below):

1. Inflate a balloon and leave about ten centimetres un-inflated at the end. Tie the end.
2. Then twist three small bubbles at the tied end of the balloon.
3. Fold the top two bubbles over as illustrated and then twist bubbles 2 and 3 together.
4. Give it several twists to lock it and you will see the head shape for an animal.
5. Twist lower down to make a neck
6. Twist further down to make a front leg.
7. Fold the balloon back up and pinch the top of the front two legs together to lock the two front legs.
8. Measure a bubble for the body, twist and measure another bubble for the back leg.
9. Form the second back leg as in the same way as you made the front legs.
10. Use a black marker pen to draw eyes and a face on the balloon.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
Ideas on how to progress the basic animal on to something more difficult can be found on the internet (check out You Tube at

Activity 2 - Sward Of The Spirit

Aim: To talk about the armour of God and use balloon modelling as a visual aid.

• Read Ephesians 6:10-18 - The Armour of God
• Try making the sword before the children meet so that you have an example of what the children are trying to make and so you are able to help them, If the sword is easy to make and the group respond well you could then make the armour of God.
• Blow up one balloon twist the balloon as you see in the diagram.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack CR2-8


  • balloon modelling
  • balloons
  • creativity

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