B13 Chasing and Catching Games

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A collection of games for the younger member that involve running around. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Body B-13




Chain Tag
• One boy is the ‘chaser’.
• When he catches someone they have to join hands and try to catch the others together.
• The last boy to be caught is the winner.
• In one version, the chain can split in two once it has four players in it.
• Both parts go on to catch the other players.

Catch my Tail
• Players tuck a handkerchief into the back of their belt or waistband, leaving part of it hanging out.
• Each player has to take other players’ handkerchiefs.
• Once someone’s handkerchief has been take, they cannot take anyone else’s.
• The winner is the last one with a ‘tail’.
• Quite a number of boys can play in teams.
• Each player pairs with someone in the opposite team and tires to take their handkerchief.
• The winners are the team that ends up with the most handkerchiefs.

Freeze Tag
• The ‘chaser’ runs around trying to tag other players.
• Anyone who is tagged must ‘freeze’.
• Any other player can ‘melt’ a frozen player by touching them.
• They can then start running around again.
• The first player to be frozen three times becomes the next ‘chaser

Tunnel Tag
• This is a variant on Freeze.
• Tagged player always freezes in legs astride position.
• Remaining untagged players can un-freeze those caught only by crawling through their legs.

Shadow Tag
• This game should be played outside when the sun is casting good strong shadows.
• The ‘chaser’ catches other players by jumping on their shadows.

• The ‘chaser’ tries to catch the other players, but they are safe when they are on an ‘island’.
• Islands can be logs, old tyres, crates, rugs, newspaper – anything that comes to hand.
• When someone is caught, they become the ‘chaser’.
• If necessary, introduce a rule forbidding players to stay on an island for more than ten seconds at a time.

Crossing the River
• This game is played between two lines or ‘river banks’.
• The ‘chaser’ stands between the two lines, in the river, and the others wait on one of the banks.
• When the ‘chaser’ shouts ‘Go’, they have to run across to the other side of the river, while the ‘chaser’ tries to catch them.
• Whoever gets caught stays in the river and helps to catch the others.

Crows and Cranes
• Boys are lined up in two parallel lines, one team in each line.
• One is designated ‘crows’ and the other ‘cranes’.
• On the call ‘Cranes’ the cranes chase the crows and attempt to tag them before they reach the safety of their wall (or zone).
• A call of ‘Crows’ sets the crows in pursuit of the cranes.
• Players caught become members of the capturing team.
• To add a bit of extra fun, it is easy to stutter or roll the open syllable.
• (Alternative titles include rats and rabbits, seagulls and serpents etc.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack B13


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