Time-Travelling Sportathon

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Take the Pack back in time to Ancient Greece and compete in events inspired by the first Olympic Games


Old Bed Sheets - belt/string - Broom handles/foam tubes - Heavy disc/metal plate/frisbee - heavy ball - tape measure - stopwatch - paper and pens - sound effects of a time machine - bronze, silver and gold medals


1. Tell the pack that you are going to travel back in time. Get them to close their eyes.
2. While they are doing this, play the time machine sound effects and get out the sheets, belts and string
3. When the sound effects finish, help the Cubs put their togas on (old sheets) and use the belts/string to tie around their waists
4. Now give each six the name of an Ancient Greek City State. eg. Athens, Sparta, Troy, etc. Once you have done this, run some athletic sports such as: Running races, Relay races, Javelin using broom handles or foam tubes, discus using the disc/plate/frisbee, shot put using the ball, long jump.
5. After each event hold an award ceremony and award the relevant medals. Maybe invite a special guest to come and award these medals?
6. To go a step further you could start off with the entry of the teams at Mount Olypus where the Cubs would parade behind the flags that you make at a Pack meeting prior to the event.


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