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Aim: To find out about the trees in the local area. These activities can be done in the church grounds if appropriate or during a visit to the park. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack community C-14


• Blindfolds
• Sugar paper or flipchart paper
• Thick wax crayons
• Paint colour chart from DIY shop
• Shoeboxes


Blindfold Game: (Develop sense of touch)
One person is blindfolded and led by a partner to an unknown tree. Feels size, smoothness, etc. and taken back to start and blindfold removed. Can he identify the tree to which he was taken?

Bark rubbing:
Choose a tree with well defined bark. Place sugar paper on bark and use brightly coloured thick wax crayons to rub vigorously to produce the pattern. These can be cut out later and mounted to form a display.

Rainbow Chips:
Cut up the colours from a colour chart. Boys randomly select one and have to find something from nature in the grounds that match the colour. Care needs to be taken in selecting colours to use as some will be more difficult than others.

Opposite Boxes:
Divide a store box into two halves. Label with a pair of opposites e.g. smooth/rough, etc. Young people have to find two natural objects which they can be place in the two sections of the box.

For further details see the BB Anchors pro pack C14


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