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Grow a flower and a vegetable or herb of your choice from seed, bulb or tuber (Planting Flower)


 Pebbles,
 Compost
 Seeds (or bulbs / tubers)
 Plant pots (for Method 1)
 2 liter bottles (for Method 2)


This project of planting flower could be used as a service project.
Example: Donate the plants you grow to your local hospital/ nursing or retirement home for their garden, offering to transplant them too.

Method 1:

Plant pots – put some pebbles in the end of the pots for drainage. Fill the plant pot ¾ full with compost and make three finger holes in soil (not too deep) and drop a seed in each. Cover over holes and add a small bit more compost, water lightly from the top.
When the seedlings come up, weed out the weaker two and allow the strongest to grow in the pot (or as the old saying goes, “one to die, one to thrive and one to give away”).

Method 2:
Use a plastic 2 liter bottle as a pot. See instruction sheet overleaf


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