IGG Senior Branch CHANGE ADVENTURE Choice Challenge 01

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1. Assess the changing role of women since Olvae Baden Powell’s time
This activity is part of the change adventure choice challenge.


 Paper
 Pens
 Copy of Questionnaire


The week before the session, give each girl a copy of the questionnaire and ask her to fill it out with her mother, grandmother or an older woman whom they know. They may add more questions if they wish.

Start the session by saying that women’s lives have changed quite a lot in Ireland over the past 50 years. Our lives today are very different from the lives of our mothers and grandmothers. Feedback the individual responses in the group under the different headings in the questionnaire – education, work, marriage etc.

Discussion Points:
Discuss the process using the following questions; -Compare today’s
lifestyles with that of the older woman:

1. Do you think it is easier/harder for today’s women than it was for their mothers/grandmothers?
2. What are the major differences/similarities between the generations?
3. Which changes have been good/bad for women?
4. Is there anything that was different for the older generation that you would still like to have today?
5. What differences do you think there will be between your lives and your daughter/granddaughters lives?
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