CR3 Boris The Scaredy Bat !

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Aim: To produce spider finger puppets. Craft activity with an action story to follow. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Creativity CR-3


• Template
• Card
• Scissors
• Colouring pencils or crayons
• Sellotape


• Photocopy template onto card.
• Carefully cut out the spider puppets along the dotted lines and colour them in.
• Fold the flaps underneath and attach them around the first and second fingers with pieces of sticky tape.
• Your spider puppets are now ready to ‘scare’ all your friends!

Additional Activities:

• Read the following short story:

The wind howled and the clouds raced across the sky. The moon was full and shone down across the countryside. The last of the daylight birds had flown home to their nests and the night hunters were out and about looking for their hapless dinners.

‘Whoo, Whoo’ the owl in the old oak tree called out and the sound echoed round the old graveyard of the little church. Boris shuddered and hid his head further in his wings. Black shapes fluttered all around him and strange high-pitched squeaks echoed round the church tower.

Boris was a bat, a scaredy bat. His main problem was that he hated the dark nights but, as everyone knows, bats hunt for the insect food at night so he had to go out. It was bad enough on an ordinary night but tonight, as the storm grew and the wind howled and whined through the gravestones in the churchyard, Boris knew he couldn’t bring himself to go out.

His family tried to encourage him, ‘There’s nothing to fear. Come on’.

Eventually Boris uncurled himself and crept to the opening of the bat loft. Then, just as Boris braced himself to fly, there was a loud crack of thunder and lightning forked the sky. Boris gave a terrified squeak and the next thing he knew he was falling, falling, falling through the blackness.

He felt unable to move, but knew that if he didn’t do something he’d be done for! SWOOSH! Boris was caught up in something; it was sticky and somehow soft. He struggled and strands of soft stickiness wrapped themselves around him. ‘Help! Help!, Boris squeaked.

‘Be still, be still,’ a quiet gentle voice called out.

‘No!, No!, squeaked Boris and struggled harder. TWANG! Boris was falling again, KERSPLATT! He stopped.

Boris was lucky. He’d landed on a kneeler which had been left by the communion table in the church. He was only winded. He lay gasping for breath. Silvery, sticky threads hung from his body and wings. Boris rubbed at them and the threads stuck together and he was able to get them to stick to the material of the kneeler.

‘Well, you were lucky’ said a voice just by Boris’s left ear. ‘If you’d not had your fall broken by my web you’d have been a dead ‘un for sure. Jesus must have been looking out for you today.’

Boris squeaked and wrapped his wings round his head.
‘My, you are a scaredy bat! Come on, I won’t hurt you as long as you don’t eat me.

Lightning flashed outside and lit up the inside of the church. Boris peeked out from under his wings and saw the biggest spider he’d ever come across in all his short life. ‘Who are you?’, whispered Boris, ‘and who is Jesus?’

‘Don’t you know who Jesus is?’ asked the astounded spider. ‘And you living in the church belfry! Don’t you listen when the people come to the church?’

‘Well, no,’ answered Boris, then jumped as another roll of thunder clashed outside. ‘I’m usually asleep and anyway people are frightening’.

‘Jesus was a person and he’s certainly not frightening. He loves everyone and everything – even great big ugly spiders like me!’

Boris looked harder at the spider. ‘You are big aren’t you?’ Boris licked his lips. The spider retreated back towards the beam from which she hung. ‘I asked you not to eat me,’ she jabbered.

Boris had the grace to look shamefaced. ‘Sorry, anyway you were telling me about Jesus.’

The storm roared and rumbled on outside but Boris did not notice it any more. He listened to the wonderful stories the spider told about God, and his son Jesus, and how they care for and protect all those who believe in them.

‘It’s time you flew back to the belfry, the sun will be up soon’ said the spider eventually. While the spider had been talking, the storm had blown away and the moon was shining in a starry sky. Boris smiled. He knew that he’d found a friend in the spider and in Jesus, someone who loved him and cared for him just as he was. And do you know? Boris wasn’t such a scaredy bat after that except when the owl went WHOO on dark starless nights and then he only jumped a little bit.

Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack CR3


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