CR20 Stained Glass Sun-Catcher

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Aim: Craft activity to produce a stained glass sun-catcher. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack CR-20


• Template
• Scissors
• Colouring pens/pencils
• Poster paints and brushes
• 8 lollypop sticks
• Greaseproof, tracing paper or OHP foils
• Glue
• 20cm of narrow ribbon


• Copy the picture on the template (or one of your own) onto greaseproof paper.
• Colour both sides of the paper.
• Trim the paper into a square the size of the lollypop sticks.
• Using PVA glue, stick painted lollypop sticks around the picture to make a frame; make sure that you make a frame both sides of the picture.
• Stick a piece of ribbon between the top two pieces of the frame to hang the picture.
• Tape the picture in the window and when the sun shines it looks like a stained glass picture.

As an alternative, copy the artwork onto an OHP foil and use OHP pens to colour these in.


  • anchors
  • creativity
  • stained Glass
  • sun catchers
  • suncatcher

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