CR22 Easter Chick

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Aim: Craft activity to produce an Easter chick. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack CR-22


• Template
• Scissors
• Glue
• Colouring pens/pencils
• Card (yellow/white)


• Photocopy template onto thin yellow card, (or white).
• Cut out the template shapes. (Leaders may have to help boys or could do this in preparation.)
• The shape of the egg (the body) can be cut from yellow paper, with the feet and beak in orange. Alternatively they can be coloured using crayons or felt tip pens.
• Fold feet along dotted line, and slip body into cut.
• Fold beak along dotted line and slip one end of the body into the cut
• Glue one wing on each side and glue on eyes (‘goggly eyes’ can be obtained from most craft shops).

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro pack CR22


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