CR29 Baby in a Manger

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Aim: To create a baby Jesus in a manger to go on top of a Christmas tree. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack CR-29


• Template
• Scissors
• Card
• Colouring pens/pencils
• Glue
• Cotton thread approx. 10cms
• Sticky tape


• Photocopy the template onto the card.
• Colour in the manger, baby and the straw.
• Cut out the baby, manger and the straw.
• Fold the dotted lines on the manger and glue the tabs in place. Carefully make slots in the straw where shown. A leader might need to help with this.
• Carefully roll the figure of the baby and insert the tabs into the two slots. Glue in place.
• Glue straw onto manger.
• Make two small holes in side of manger where shown.
• Thread a length of cotton through holes to form a loop. Sticky tape on the inside of the manger will help keep the cotton in place.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro pack CR29


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