Fordell Firs Navigation Challenge

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An easy navigation challenge to set up when camping at Fordell Firs Activity Centre in Dunfermline,Fife.


Phrase BE PREPARED (Motto) x 10 Signs printed and laminated if necessary.
Maps of Site printed off.
A3 Preferably


Once everything is printed off and laminated,leaders must go around the site and place the letters of the phrase (BE PREPARED) not in any order,in different places (high up if possible) but take note of the location by number/letter
example A6 L9 etc
Make sure leaders use nails/tacks to attach letters so they don't blow away.
Leaders: Be careful not to put signs up in places where activities are going on.
Once leaders return from putting each letter up they must note down on the map with a Sharpie for the Scouts the locations they must go to and make known that none are off site and keep within the boundaries.
Best to carry out this task in the evening time when no activities are on.

Seperate teams of 2 with 5- 10 minutes between teams setting off.
The codes can be wiped off later and used again in future.
Explain rules to Scouts.
The challenge for the Scouts is to guess the phrase that they must get because all letters will be mixed up.
Make sure Scouts are told not to take down the signs.
The team that returns and tells the leader the phrase without shouting it out will win the prize.


  • navigation race
  • orienteering

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