Girl Consultation

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Girls get the chance to give their input for the programme or elements of it.
If girls have input into the programme they will feel more ownership of it.


Pens or felts
space for group to write on the floor or table, can also be done outside on a mat if wished


Involve the girls with making decisions such as:
• their own Promise and linking ceremonies
• helping choose unit activities for badges
• which Unit Badge the whole unit will do and the activities in that badge
• how they would like to do an activity
• how they would like to celebrate calendar events, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

We usually pre-warn the girls, so they can have a think about ideas.
Get a large piece of paper, we use a sizeable piece from a roll of paper for the large group and A4 sheets if working in sixes
Write the topic in the middle and brainstorm how they would like to do it. Optionally can do a list.
We find mindmaps help, use whatever works best for the girls, make take a bit of practice.
No ideas are wrong, they are theirs, all ideas are important.
Our girls enjoy their input and it becomes theirs, no matter how unusual or whacky.

Sometimes the leaders make the final decisions, sometimes it is the sixers and seconders. Depends on the situation.


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