CR2-3 Practical Crafts To Use

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A selection of five craft activities for Anchors that make useful items for use around the house. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro pack CR-2-3


Activity 1
• A large yellow pompom each
• Orange craftfoam
• Yellow craft feathers
• Wiggly eyes
• Yellow ribbon
• Key-ring attachment
• Scissors
• Glue

Activity 2
• Large yellow pompom
• Medium black pompom
• White felt
• Black pipe clearer (chenille stem)
• Wiggly eyes
• Glue
• Scissors
• One pencil per child to put their bumble bee on

Activity 3
• Coloured air-hardening clay
• Old rubber stamps
• Photo (passport size)
• Card
• Magnet
• Double sided sticky tape
• Glue

Activity 4
• Sugar paper indifferent colours — one large sheet (placemat sized) per child and then the rest cut into strips of the same length as the placemat and about an inch wide.
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Glue or sticky tape

Activity 5
• Yellow, grey and pink craft foam
• Craft foam in other colours for the parrots wings
• Coloured craft feathers for the parrot
• Wiggly eyes
• Pink pen
• Pink gem or sticker
• Glue
• Cardboard egg box
• Parrot template
• Scissors


Activity 1 - Pompom Chick Key Ring

Aim: To make their own key ring.

Draw triangle shapes on the orange craft foam for the children to cut out.

• Cut a small triangle from orange craft foam and attach to the yellow pompom to form the chicks beak
• Attach the eyes above the beak’.
• Use a dab of glue to attach a loop of ribbon to the back of the pompom. and then stick on a bundle of feathers for the tail over the top of it. if you place them carefully, two of them can protrude underneath the pompom for feet.
• Tie your key-ring to the other end of the ribbon.

Activity 2 - Bumblebee Pencil Topper

Aim: To make their own pencil topper.

Cut out two pairs of wings per bumble bee from the white felt ready for the children to stick onto their pencil topper.

• Wrap the pipe cleaner around the yellow pompom. Twist together underneath and then twist the ends into a spiral. This will later hold your bee onto your pencil.
• Glue the black pompom onto the front as a head,
• Stick the two wings to the bee’s back.
• Finish off by sticking on the two wriggly eyes.

Activity 3 - Rubber Stamped Photo Frame

Aim: To make your own photo frame.

Ask the children/parents to bring a passport size photo to this session.

• Roll out the clay and cut out the shape of frame you would like.
• Make a hole in the middle for the photo.
• Press your rubber stamps into the frame so that they make an impression.
• Leave the frame to harden for a few days.
• Use double sided sticky tape to stick the photo to the back of the frame.
• Now cut the card the same size as the frame and stick it to the back of the frame with double sided tape.
• Finally glue the magnet to the back of the frame.

As the rubber needs a few days to harden (step 4) you may want to do this activity over two sessions.

Activity 4 - Make a - A Special African Placemat

Aim: To make their own placemat.

• Start with a large piece of sugar paper for the base. Fold it in half.
• While the paper is still folded, draw a series of lines across the fold, but do not draw them all the way to the edge - leave about 1 inch at the edge.
• Prepare one large piece like this for every child in the group.

• Give each child a large piece of sugar paper, folded in half with lines drawn.
• Cut along the lines. You will need to determine whether individuals can do this themselves.
• When you’re finished cutting, unfold the piece of paper.
• Start weaving the strips of paper onto the large piece of paper. Make sure that each new piece of paper is pushed up next to the previously woven piece. You need to use at least two different colours of paper.
• When you’re done weaving, secure each strip of woven paper using glue or tape. You might also have to trim the woven edges a bit to make the edges of the place mat even.
• Continue this until the strips are filling the place.

You can cover the placemat with clear contact or adhesive paper, or laminate it. for durability and easy cleaning.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
The children could decorate their placemat with stickers

Activity 5 - Animal egg Cup

Aim: To make their own egg cup (either a parrot or a cat).

To make the parrot:
• Cut out one section from the egg box.
• Use our template to cut out your parrot from yellow foam.
• Glue on the eyes, orange foam beak and coloured foam wings. Decorate it with feathers.
• Bend the edges to form a ring and glue the ends together. Pop the cardboard egg box section into the ring to hold your egg

To make the cat:
• Cut out one section from the egg box.
• Use our template to cut out your cat from grey foam.
• Glue on the eyes, pink foam ears and pink gem nose. With a pen draw on some whiskers.
• Bend the edges to form a ring and glue together. Pop the cardboard egg box section into the ring to hold your egg.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro pack CR2-3


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