Water For Life: Water Cycle Game

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Water For Life badge activity: Water cycle game
This is an active outside game using the concept of the water cycle process.
(Used with permission of the Christchurch City Council, Living with our Waterways, Resource).


• 2 cups (the same size)
• 4 buckets
• pictures or signs of two clouds, a tree and a lake


• In an outside area, mark out three areas to represent a “cloud,” a “lake,” anda “forest” (see diagram attached). Put two empty buckets in the “cloud” area, and one full bucket each in the areas representing the “forest” and “lake” (make sure each bucket has the same amount of water).
• Divide the girls into 2 groups. The first group makes a line by the “forest”. The second group makes a line by the “lake”. Give each group a cup.
• Explain the following: Water needs solar energy (heat from the sun) for it to heat up. Water from the lake heats up and rises to the clouds. This is called evaporation. Water from the forest heats up and rises to the clouds - this is called transpiration.
• Imagine you are solar energy, the first person takes the cup and fills it with water from the “forest’ or “lake” bucket (depending on which team they are in) and carries it to the “cloud”. Put it into the empty bucket on your team’s cloud. Try not to lose the water as you transport it. When you have deposited the water, run back to the next person in your team and give them the empty cup. This person repeats the action and the team continues until all the water is in the “cloud”.
• As soon as a team empties their “forest” or “lake” bucket they start the second part of the activity, which is done in reverse. The girls taking the water from the “cloud” to the “forest” or “lake” bucket. Water going from the clouds to the “forest” or “lake” is called precipitation (commonly called rain).
• The team with the most water in the “forest” or “lake” bucket at the end is the winner.


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