CR2-7 Animals

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Aim: To allow children to create different items relating to animals. Introduction: Many children are very attached to and sensitive about animals. In many children’s animated films, cartoons and books the main characters are animals that have wonderful personalities that children connect with. It is important that we are sensitive to that when we teach about animals and talk about how important animals are and how we need to be kind to animals. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack CR-2-7


Activity 1
Paper plates
Pink cupcake liners
Pink paint
Coloured sugar paper

Activity 2

Activity 3
• Selection of paper and fabrics, sugar paper, textured paper, wrapping paper, sand paper etc
• Sugar paper
• Animal cut-outs or print-outs (optional)
• Scissors
• Glue stick
• Poster paint (optional)


Activity 1 - Paper Plate Pig

Aim: To make a pig out of paper plates.

1. Paint two paper plates pink and allow to dry.
2. Take a pink cupcake liner and glue it to the middle of the plate. This will be the pig’s nose.
3. Draw two circles about the size of a paper cup onto pink sugar paper, cut them out and glue to each side of the paper plate for the pig’s ears.
4. Cut out eyes and a mouth from sugar paper and glue them in place.
5. Align the face of the pig on top of the other coloured plate so that they overlap and glue into place.
6. Draw a tail and legs onto sugar paper, cut out and glue into place.

Activity 2 - Origami Elephant

Aim: To create an easy origami elephant.

• Start with a square 15cm x 15cm (6” x 6”) sheet of paper
• Fold it in half and open it back up
• Fold it right to left and open it back up
• Fold the top left corner at an angle to meet the centre crease
• Fold the paper in half — bring the top edge down to meet the bottom edge
• Fold the left side to meet the centre crease
• Open up the fold you just made
• Make a squash fold
• Draw in the elephant’s eyes
• Make a small fold on the top right

It’s a good idea to try this out before doing it with children so you are familiar with the folds.

Activity 3 - Forest Collage

Aim: To create a collage of forest animals.

• Draw a tree onto paper or card with the trunk separate from the treetop.
• Cut out the tree template, and use it to make 3 or more trees for your collage — either trace the template on to different paper or fabric and cut them out, or draw direct onto the collage.
• Cut out a paper background large enough to accommodate all your trees- glue your trees on the background paper, positioning some trees slightly at the back to create some depth, be sure to leave some space on areas where you plan to add other details later.
• Cut out additional details for your forest such as grass, bushes or water.
• Glue the details onto your picture.
• Draw animals such as tigers, monkeys etc or cut them out of old magazines and stick them onto your collage.


  • anchors
  • Animals
  • collage
  • creativity
  • origami
  • paper plate craft
  • paper plates

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