M8 Scattergories

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Aim: To fill in all the boxes on the grid with the appropriate word. taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack M-8


• Piece of paper per boy/or per group
• Pen


• On a piece of paper get the young people to make up a grid with seven columns and as many rows as you want rounds of the game.
• In the first column missing out the top left box get the young people to write either a word that relates to a theme you are currently following e.g. FATHER CHRISTMAS for Christmas time, or random letters avoiding letters such as z and q for obvious reasons.
• Then in the top box of each column (but missing out the top left box) the boys need to write these headings: Boy’s Name, Town, Animal, Colour, Sport, TV Programme.
• The game can now start with the boys filling in each box with an example of the word on the top of the column that starts with the letter on the left of that row.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack M8


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