WWF Ambassador -Energy

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Range of activities to complete the WWF Ambassador Energy Challenge. Also helps with the Cub Global Issues badge.
Switch poster shows the challenges to choose from & their progress to undertake 5 challenges.

Melting Iceberg Game - to highlight climate change and the effect it has on the environment and animals.
Elastic Band Cars - Impact of fossil fuels on the environment, discuss renewable energies.
Energy sources sales - look at different types of energy, create sales advertisements for different fuel types.
Match the energy wasters - game to look at ways we waste energy.
Spot the energy error - spot the mistake sheet, to help look at energy waste in the home.
Watt is right - game to look at how much energy appliances use and how we can reduce energy use.
Energy Pledge - Activity to get the cubs to think about how they can reduce energy, make a pledge to reduce energy over a month.


Switch - Poster of energy activities

Melting Iceberg - Newspaper sheets, Game instructions, Meet the Polar bear sheet
Elastic band cars - elastic bands, corrugated cardboard, ruler, bottle tops, bluetac, straws, old CD's (or similar for wheels), glue, wooden skewers, scissors & sticky tape, instruction sheet.
Energy sources sales - instruction sheet, paper, colour pens & pencils.
Energy Wasters - instruction sheet, paper & pens.
Energy error - instruction sheet, errors sheet, pens.
Watt is right - instruction sheet, appliance flash cards (1 set per group), answer sheet
Energy pledge - instruction sheet, paper, pens, video camera (optional)


See attachments for full instructions & resources


  • climate change
  • energy waste
  • fossil fuels
  • game
  • global awareness
  • Global issues
  • polar bear
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • saving Energy
  • WWF Ambassador - energy
  • WWF resource

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