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Complete four of the activity options.Describe the most suitable clothing and footwear for the activities below that you choose




There is no right or wrong when it comes to exercise clothes. Wear whatever makes you feel good and keeps you comfortable.
You can buy clothing/safety equipment that is sport specific; however here are some guidelines for the activities below.

Think comfort – Shorts, t-shirt, tight ....wear whatever feels good to you. Test your clothes before you exercise to make sure your clothes don’t chafe, ride up, slide down or show more than you want.

Protect yourself and be safe – Wear light-coloured clothes, a hat, plenty of sunscreen and sunglasses if you’re exercising outdoors during hot weather. Make sure your clothes and shoes have reflective material on them if you’re out and about at night.

Shoes and socks – You want to choose shoes that will have plenty of support to ensure you won’t hurt yourself. Be picky about your socks. If they’re too thick or thin you could get blisters, which can ruin a good workout.


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