IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Drug Awareness Option 03

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Look at how personal choice, peer pressure and possible consequences influence our decisions in situations involving alcohol, drugs and tobacco


Questions and Answer sheet


Drugs are one product that is heavily advertised on TV and in the print media. Advertisers use various techniques to convince you to buy their products. Some of them are listed below.

1. Use of a famous/glamorous/sexy person – This person will claim that he/she uses the product and finds it really good. The ad wants you to believe that if you use this product you will be sexy and glamorous too.
2. Humour
3. Use of Mr. or Mrs. Average - this technique is usually used to sell household products. It tries to get you to identify with the person in the advertisement.
4. Use of exaggeration – e.g. ‘the best built car in the world’
5. Use of statistics – e.g. ‘8 out of 10 preferred this product’.
6. Use of slogans – e.g. ‘Live life to the power of Guinness’.

Discuss these advertisement techniques with the Guides and then ask the Patrols to answer the questions listed below.


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