IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Healthy Friendship Option 05

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Identify ways individuals can deal with being bullied, knowing that others are being bullied and being a bully.


 Bullying Situations Card
 Solution Format
 copy of “What the experts say”
 Large sheet of paper for feedback
 Sheet of paper for each Patrol


• Give each Patrol a Bullying Situation Card and a copy of the “format” to follow when looking at possible solutions.
• Ask each Patrol to report back on their situation and possible solutions to the larger group.
• When reports have been given, give each Patrol a copy of “what the experts say” (as printed below)
Discussion Points:
• Put brainstorm solutions on a large sheet of paper on the wall.
• Each Patrol should put their various ideas on a sheet of paper and these should also go on the wall.
• When the expert solution for dealing with bullying is given out, each Patrol discusses it and decides on what they think is the final and proper way to deal with their “Bullying” situation and feedback to the large group


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  • Bullying, anti-bullying
  • Healthy Friendship
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