M2-1 Senses

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Three activities helping young people to explore the senses. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Mind M-2-1 (Part of this is missing)


Activity 2
• Chairs, cones etc to be used for obstacle course
• Blindfolds
• Stopwatch

Activity 3
• Senses Detective Sheet
• Pens
• Whistle


Activity 1 - Details not available at this time

Activity 2 - Follow The Sound

Aim: To listen for sounds and work together as a team to guide others.

Set up the obstacle course.

• Explain that the children will have to complete the obstacle course whilst being blindfolded.
• Then explain that the rest of the group will guide them by walking a few steps ahead and clapping their hands.
• As long as the blindfolded child follows the sound of the clapping they will find their way.
• This is not a race and some children will require longer than others.

After a couple of children have completed the course, others might find it easier because they have walked the course, clapping. To avoid this, you could move some of the obstacles around once the child is blindfolded.

Activity 3 - Explore Your Senses !

Aim: To explore their environment.

The children might want to work in pairs or teams for this.
• Give each team a worksheet and tell them that they need to find examples of how they can use their senses to explore their environment.
• They will need to walk round and write down anything they find on their list
• The group with the most items wins.
• Tell them that you will blow your whistle after 5 mins and that they will then need to return to their starting point
• Give clear instructions as to where they can go for their exploration. Which rooms? Can they open cupboards?

Alternatively, you may want to take them outside to a garden or park for them to complete the worksheet Again, set clear parameters.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack M2-1

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