M2-5 Shape Games

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Aim: To teach the children about shapes. Introduction: Shapes are in everything we see and touch. From buildings to plants, shapes are added together to create other new shapes. When children learn about shapes, they will begin to see them everywhere. The best way to teach children about shapes is through visual learning. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack M-2-5


Activity 1
Shape cards templates

Activity 2
• Chairs
• Shape cards template.

Activity 3
• Equal number of coloured beads
• Equal number of coloured balloons


Activity 1 - Remembering Shapes

Aim: To remember shapes and colours.

Print out the shape cards and cut them up. You will need two sets or more depending on the size of the group.

The idea is to match up the pairs of cards.
• Place all the cards face down on the floor and let the children take turns in turning over the cards to see if they can find a pair.
• They can only turn over two cards at a time. If they do not find a pair they must let the next child have a turn.
• They need to remember what has been turned over before so that they can find pairs.
• Make them say out loud what they have turned over.

If you need to make it easier take out some shapes so that there are less cards. If you have a large group make up two sets and have two games going on at once.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
You could laminate the cards so that you can reuse them.

Activity 2 - Shape Shake-up

Aim: To reinforce the idea of shapes.

Create a circle of chairs. Have the children hold the card they are given so that they know when to respond.

• Get the children to sit in a chair in the circle - if you replay you can change this to a square. There must be enough chairs for all the children except for one.
• Give each child a shape card and tell them that they must remember which shape that they are. If they forget they can look at the card.
• One child starts the game by standing in the middle of the circle and calls out a shape.
• All those children with the shape called must leave their chair and find a new one.
• The person who does not get a chair stands in the middle and calls out the next shape.
• They can call the same shape or a different one.
• The children with that shape must get up and find a new chair.

This is repeated and the person left standing each time goes to the middle and calls the next shape.

This game is fun and fast paced. Make sure that you spread the circle out so that the children do not bump into each other.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
You can add into the game the option to call out Shape Shake-Up and then everyone must get up regardless of their shape and find a new chair.

Activity 3 - Shape Hunters

Aim: Hide a selection of shapes around the hail and in groups get the children to search for one of each. First team back who are able to identify all their shapes wins.

• Filling and inflating balloons
• Placing balloons around the area in use

• Hide the shape cards around the hall making sure that you have worked out how many to hide.
• When the children arrive put them into teams of three upwards depending on your numbers.
• Show them the shape cards and tell them that there are shape cards hidden around the room and they must find them and get the full set of (however many you use).
• Then send them off in teams — they must stay together. Once they have found all the shapes they must bring them to you and tell you what shape each one is. if they get them all right they win.
• The children are only allowed to collect an example of each shape if they have already found a square, for example, they must leave any subsequent squares that they find.

Make sure that leaders are around to make sure that the children know what they are doing and leave the other cards where they are.

If you have enough leaders allocate a different leader for each team to go to when they have collected all the cards.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack M2-5


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