Rover Badge - Intial Rovering

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The Rover Badge is the initial Rovering Award and should be completed by every new Rover as they Squire for their perspective crews. Its a good chance to try all aspects of Rovering and gives you god insight into what you are signing up for, once this is completed you can be invested.


Resources will vary depending on activities chosen.


Refer to the Rover Badge one pager and follow activities. This can be signed off by Crew Leader, Zone Leader or Regional Rover Leader.

1. The Rover Badge may be completed while the member is in the Venturers Section as part of the Venturer award Scheme.
2. Some Rover crews may have additional requirements to be achieved prior to investiture.
3. The Rover may be invested upon completion of the Rover Badge
4. It is expected that the Rover badge will take approx 2-3 months to complete.


  • Award Scheme
  • introduction to Rovers
  • Rovers
  • Squiring
  • St Georges Award

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