6 Raft Race

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Challenge: To build and race a raft. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 6


• Barrels
• Rope
• Wooden planks
• Piping
• Life jackets
• Helmets
• Spare clothes
• Oars


Split into teams of four and build a raft out of barrels, rope, wooden planks and piping. This activity is typically done at an activity or water sport centre. Use only the materials provided to build a raft, That will hopefully not only float but be ready to race!

Tips / Advice:
Have a look at A2 Raft Building (Recreation: Outdoor & Adventure: Water) in the Discover programme

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
• Abide by the safety instructions of the activity centre and the Discover programme.
• Only complete this task on appropriate water and with appropriate supervision.


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