11 Toss The Caber

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Challenge: Learn how to toss a caber. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 11


Wooden pole


The caber is a tapered wooden pole, anywhere from 5 to 7m long, weighing between 45 and 80kg. It isn’t just the distance of the toss that matters. The judges observe the angle that the caber falls in relation to the throwers shoulders. It usually takes three men to bring the caber to the thrower. The thrower then hoists the caber so that the bottom is almost on level with their elbows. The smaller end of the pole is cradled in the palms of the thrower’s clasped hands and the weight of it is balanced against their shoulder. When balanced just right, the thrower runs forward with it for a distance of 20m or so, increasing speed to gain momentum. Then it is tossed by pushing upward and letting it fall forward from the shoulder. A good toss flips the pole so that the larger end of the caber hits the ground and neatly flips the smaller end over so that the pole lands in a straight line perpendicular to the thrower’s shoulders. The winner is also judged by style of throwing, which includes stance and steps, as well as strength, balance and agility.

Tips / Advice:
• For a diagram of how to toss the caber go to wwwglasgowhighlandgames.cor&caber.htm
• If this sounds like too much effort, your could try out a virtual site at www.scotgames.org/games

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
Be careful to ensure that the pole cannot hit anything or anyone when it is tossed — attempt this outside.

For full details see BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 11


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