Emergency Aid 3

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Emergency Aid Stage 3 (1 of 2)

Explain to your leader or another adult about how to call 999.
Explain how you help someone who:
is unconscious
is unconscious and not breathing
is choking


Resusi Annie Dolls
BLS Algorithm
Choking Algorithm
Face Sheilds


How to Call 999 (15 Minutes)
- Which Service?
Fire, Police, Ambulance, Coastguard
- Where?
Address, Landmarks, Building Names etc
- Who?
Age, Gender, Name
- Why?
Concious?, Breathing?, Alert?, Injury or Illness

DRABC (15 Minutes)
What, Where, Who
Shake and Shout, consider c-spine injuries
Head tilt, chin lift. Clear? Obstructed? Able to be cleared?
- Breathing
Look, Listen & Feel for 10 seconds. Present? Absent? Abnormal?
- Circulation
Not checked for by lay people anymore!

Recovery Position (15 Minutes)
- When?
Unconscious, breathing normally, no chance of c-spine injury.

CPR (30 Minutes)
Unconcious, not breathing or ineffective breathing.
- What?
Compressions & Rescue Breaths OR Compressions only
100 Beats per minute, 30:2

Choking (15 Minutes)
- When?
Unable to cough effectively
- What?
Back Slaps, Abdominal Thrusts


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