S6 Make A Prayer Tree

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Aim: To encourage the young people to write simple prayers and to make a prayer tree. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack S-6


• Thin branched twigs approx 600mm long
• Plant pots approx 150mm in diameter
• Plaster of paris
• Water
• An old mixing bowl and spoon or spatula
• Aprons for those mixing the plaster


1. Mix up the plaster of paris in an old mixing bowl using water as per the instructions on the packet. (Leader could do this.)
2. Hold a branched twig centrally in the plant pot.
3. Pour the plaster mixture into the pots (leader might need to hold the twigs). The plaster should set quite quickly.

For the leaves:
• Thin white card
• Coloured crayons or felt tip pens
• Scissors
• Strong glue

1. Cut out leaf shapes onto card (leader may need to help the younger members).
2. Colour in the leaf on both sides using light colours.
3. Write a short simple prayer on one side of the leaf, (leader may have to help some young people to write their prayers).
4. Glue the leaves onto the branches (leader may need to help with this).

Additional Activities:

Prayer shout:
At the end of the activity, the boys could then all shout out their prayers together. The leader would need to make sure that all the boys know what to do, and then on a count of, ‘one, two, three’, everyone shouts out their own prayer.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack S6


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