S8 Joseph's Coat

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Aim: To reinforce the meaning of the story of Joseph’s coat. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Spirit S-8


• Joseph’s Coat Template
• Crayons or colouring pencils
• Scraps of different coloured material
• Scissors
• Glue


Each young person is given a copy of the template and decorates it using crayons and/or colouring pencils. If crayons are used you may then get the young people to paint over the coat with watered down paint in a dark colour. For this to be effective young people will need to press heavily with the crayons.

Alternatively, you may wish to use some scrap materials to form a “collage” effect. This may be particularly appropriate for older Anchor Members.

Other follow up Activities:
This activity could be used as part of a Joseph theme, including reading the story of Joseph or watching a video etc.


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  • bible colouring
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