S13 the Story of the Sower

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Aim: To tell the story of the sower in an innovative way. taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack S-13


• 4 pots
• Bird puppet/toy
• Card
• Flower heads
• Wire
• Template



Read or tell the story of the Sower (Mark 4: 3-9 & 13-20). Prepare four plastic pots. Cut four discs of card to fit the top of each pot to look like soil. Explain to the boys that you have brought some soil out of a field. Tell the children how the sower would scatter the seed.

Use the template to show how the seed was sown. The young people could colour this in after the story.

Scatter some seed on the pot top marked PATH. The story tells us that the birds came! Pretend that the birds eat the seed. (You will need to have a toy bird or puppet, of course.)

Make some flower heads or have artificial flowers, on wires that will push up through the holes in the base of each plant pot: one flower for the rocky soil, one flower for the weedy soil, and three flower heads on wires for the good soil.

Push them up from the base as you tell the story (and pull the appropriate ones down again). Speaking from a pulpit is ideal, as you can hide the wire and visual aids.

The story talks about different kinds of earth: a path, weedy earth, rocky earth and good earth.

But Jesus was not just talking about soil.

Use the word EARTH, with each letter printed on a card, to explain that the EARTH in the story is like our HEART. Simply move the ‘H’ from the end of the word to the beginning.


The seed is the word of God.

The seed enters our hearts when we read the Bible, because the Bible contains the word of God.

For full details see BB Anchors Pro Pack S13


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