S16 Jigsaws

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Aim: To show that God gave us a picture of how we should live. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack S-16


• Template
• Thin card
• Coloured felt tipped pens or crayons
• Scissors
• Glue


What do you need to make a jigsaw? You need all the pieces and a picture to follow. God gave us a picture to follow so that we could build our own lives properly. This picture is Jesus. We should keep looking at Jesus to make sure that we are following him in every way as we try to make the best of our lives.

Activity – Make your own jigsaw

• Photocopy the template provided onto thin card.
• Young people colour it in and cut it out. (They may need help with cutting.)
• The young people then have their own jigsaw.

Alternative Activity:
• Use any suitable picture from an old birthday card or magazine etc.
• Stick onto thin card.
• Mark on the shapes for a jigsaw in thick pen, and cut it out. (Young people may need help with cutting.)

Lord Jesus, we know you were sent down to earth to show us how God wants us to live. Help
us to be kind, gentle and loving, just as you are. Amen

For full details see BB Anchors Pro Pack S16


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