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Aim: Jesus the light of the world. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack S-20


• Template
• Torch
• Scissors
• Card
• Crayons or felt tip pens
• Split pins (paper fasteners).


Put out all the hall lights and switch on the torch. Show how light spreads out, shows up obstacles that we might fall over, and leads us safely wherever we want to go. If we follow the torchlight we will come to no harm. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world,” and if we follow him we will be safe. He also said, “Let your light shine.” He wants us to show everyone that we love him.

Activity – Make a Lighthouse
• Photocopy the template on card, colour in and cut out.
• Cut out the areas marked ‘A’ and the circle of card with the verses on. (Young will need help with cutting.) Colour this second circle yellow.

– Verses:
‘I am the light of the world’
‘Let your light shine’

• Fix the circle onto the back of the lighthouse with a split pin at point in the centre of the lamp.
• The verses should then show in the light from the lighthouse.

Thank you Lord Jesus for light that shows us the way. Help us to follow you, and to shine for you, as you are the light of our lives. Amen.

For full details see BB Anchors Pro Pack S20


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