S21 Prayers

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A collection of prayers for use with Anchors. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack S-21


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Help us Lord, to try to follow you. Give us the courage when we find things hard to do. Show us the best way to live and how we should treat those we meet day by day.

O Lord, give us eyes to see the beauty of your world. Give us minds, which try to find out how things live and work and make us careful to look after the world in which we live. May we always value the world you have made, and help us to know that we each have a special place in it.

Lord Jesus, you always show great love to everyone. Help us to show that love in the way we treat other people. May your love spread and grow throughout the world, so that all people may live in peace.

Lord, we thank you for our pets and for the fun and enjoyment they give us. Help us to look after them properly and care for them. We thank you for that.

Lord, you know that we often find it hard to say we have been wrong. Help us to learn to say we are sorry, and help us to live better lives that will please you. We ask this through the name of Jesus.

For full details see BB Anchors Pro Pack S21


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