Heady Tennis

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Combination of Football and Tennis, played in a similar manner to Volleyball.

Two teams on either side of a volleyball or tennis net pass the ball to each other using only thier heads and feet.


Volleyball or Tennis Net
Football or Volleyball


Designate a court (volleyball, tennis or badminton court - don't use a badminton net though!)

Serve from the back of the court by heading the ball over the net. The opponents use their heads or feet to pass the ball to each other or back over the net, and then the servers team try to do the same. The ball is allowed one bounce inside your half. Points are scored by the ball either bouncing more than once or bouncing outside the court.

If the serving team wins the point they keep the serve, if they lose the point the other team serves. The same person should serve until the team loses serve, the serve should rotate to someone else if the team regains the serve.


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