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Challenge: Research and produce a record of the history of your Company. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 23


• pens
• Laptop
• Photographs / old records


Decide what format you would like to record your research. It could be a scrapbook, journal, video or creating a presentation. Find out as much information about your BB Company as you can, e.g. when it first started, who have been the Captains, what happened at the first meeting, are there any famous past members, places of where camps have been held, how many President’s and Queen’s Badges have been gained since the company started?

Ask people for pictures of events, activities, members and leaders over the years, include what is happening today in your Company along with photographs of the current session. Most importantly ask for stories and memories. These are often the most interesting bits!

Seek help through your local newspaper or radio station with an appeal for any ex-members to contact you. When you have done enough research and gained sufficient information, produce the record of your Company’s history

Tips / Advice:
• This will not be a quick process, but will be a great opportunity to discover the history of your Company.
• Enlist others to help you.
• Presentation is really important. Keep it simple and in bite size chunks and this will make it interesting and easy to read or watch.
• Plan a ‘grand launch event’ and perhaps copies could be sold to raise funds.

for full details see BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 23

Feel free to attach a short pen history of your company here. Please use your company name as the file name


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