Teeth cleaning

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Beavers understand the importance of cleaning teeth thoroughly


New toothbrush for each child
Plaque disclosing tablets
Childrens toothpaste
Foods that the children will be familiar with
Cubed sugar or loose


Begin by discussing why we should clean our teeth and which foods do the most damage to teeth. Discuss the acids in fizzy drinks, sugars and some of the least obvious dangers of smoothies and fruit juice.
Show the beavers some foods that they may eat and ask them how much sugar they think is hidden in the food. Then show them with the use of cubed sugar how much sugar there is in one portion. Information for this will be on the side of the product.
Each child is give a plaque disclosing tablet to chew, then given a new toothbrush and a toothpaste, then under supervision they are shown how to clean their teeth properly.


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