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To encourage young people to give some time back to their community as a community volunteer. Added to the Challenge plus Pro Pack, Community Project C-1-1 by Wallingford & Didcot BB


Briefing Session
Examples of the good done by other locals

Christian Faith



Briefing Session

Aim: To give young people an outline of how important volunteers are to the community in which they live

Discovery session:
Ask the young people to identify the types of activities that volunteers may do in your community

A Few Examples:
Make/Deliver meals to others
Street Pastors
Listeners in Primary schools
Red Cross
St Johns
Acorn Listeners
Community Day Centres
Community Library
Volunteer Drivers
Community shops/pubs
Sports coaches
Horticultural Societies (Allotments)
Community Transport (Busses)
Tots Clubs
After School clubs
BB/GB Pilots/CLGB/Scouts/Guides/CCF and others
Wildlife and Nature Conservation volunteers
Heritage Railways
National Trust

Ask young people what would happen if these activities din not happen on a voluntary basis ?

Would people be able to pay for these services ?

Could parents be able to afford to send you to BB if the subs were at a commercial rate ?

Point out that although some volunteers work many hours per week most only give a hour per week. That by giving such a small amount of time throughout our lives we can both enrich the lives of others as well as gain self satisfaction. "The greatest satisfaction is in the giving not the receiving"

Christian Faith

Read the stories of The Good Samaritan (Luke 10 25-37), Zacchaeus (Luke 19 1-8) & Being Rewarded (Luke 14 12-14)

Ask young people to identify the differences between the people in these stories.

Jesus said in Luke 14 that we should do what we can to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Ask the young people to draw up a list of these who we should pray for. Include ourselves in this list and ask for the strength and wisdom to help others, throughout our lives.


The young people are challenged to give 100 hours community service between now and when they are 21. This sound a lot but it represents just 30 minutes per week if starting at age 17.

They can support any local cause outside of their own BB company.


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