IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Environmental Awareness Option 05

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Compare renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Identify how renewable energy sources can be used in a home. Keep a diary of the journeys you make during a week. Explain what the most environmentally friendly methods of transport are. Discuss ways your family could reduce its carbon footprint.


Copy of footprint and quiz for each girl
Copy of leader version of quiz
Red, orange, yellow and green stickers
Recycled materials for diary


Aim of Badge
To appreciate the necessity of caring for the environment

It is important when doing this activity that girls realise that they alone are not responsible for climate change and that governments and large companies are more to blame. That said a lot of small actions can help so encourage them to recycle, turn off lights etc.

Part 1: Each girl makes a diary out of recycled materials to record their journeys for the week.

Part 2: Give each girl a footprint, a copy of the quiz, and a mixture of green, yellow, orange and red stickers. Each answer to the questions has a different colour assigned to it (in leader copy of quiz). Red = worst for environment, Orange = bad for environment, yellow = ok for environment, green = good for environment.

After answering the quiz, the girls work out how many of each colour sticker should be on their footprint and stick them on.


How do they feel about their footprint? Is the result what they expected?
Are they surprised by how many journey’s they make a week?
What could they do to reduce their carbon footprint?


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