ice a biscuit beetle

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play the game of beetle using biscuits, icing and sweets


rich tea biscuits(4 each cub), dice, icing, large choc buttons(body), small choc buttons(head), mini smarties(eyes), strawberry laces(cut to 1cm, legs), jelly diamonds(cut in half for tails), clingfilm


roll dice (in groups of three cubs). they must start with a 1 for icing, then in any order, they can build a beetle on their iced biscuit. 2 = head, 3 = body, 4 = eye, 5 = tail, 6 = leg. They must roll 6 sixes to get 6 legs and 2 fours to get 2 eyes. When they have built their beetle, they can eat it! This activity can get quite sticky so wrapping clingfilm around the table tops made clearing up easy! In groups of 3, I found that they made four beetles each in an hour.


  • Beetle drive
  • dice games
  • Ice a biscuit

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