IGG Free Being Me Session 2 A Happy Ending*(7-10yrs)

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Participants learn a different way to be positive about their appearance, by recognising the value of what they can do with their bodies.


Pictures of Gilly from Previous activity
Coloured pencils/pens


In groups of four, choose one of the pictures of Gilly that the participants drew earlier, and stick it onto a larger piece of paper. Ask each group to write a number next to the matching part of Gilly:

"We’re going to help Millie show Gilly that what she looks like isn’t the only important thing about her. For example, in the story, Gilly worries about her whiskers being straight. Millie could say that Gilly’s whiskers are great just as they are, because they help her find her way through the woods.Let’s come up with some good examples of what Gilly can do with her body, instead of what it looks like"

Participants take turns rolling the dice and come up with something great about the part of Gilly that matches the number on the dice.Try to focus on what Gilly can do because of this part of her body. If a number comes up more than once, just roll again. The first group to roll all six numbers wins.

Give each group a chance to share their new Gilly.

"We know that there’s no such thing as one way to look beautiful. Perhaps Gilly needs to understand that too. So what else would you like to say to Gilly? Turn to a friend and take it in turns to pretend you are talking to Gilly. Tell her something you’ve learned to help her stop worrying about how she looks"

If you have time, repeat this game but get participants to draw a quick person outline on the back of the paper.Participants take it in turns to roll the dice. This time, when a new number comes up, the participant gets to choose a part of her body she likes because it’s useful.Write the number next to the matching part of the person outline. From then on, every time someone rolls that number, they share something great they can do because of that part of their body. Repeat until all the numbers have been written on the person outline.


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