IGG Free Being Me Session 3 Personal Challenge You're my Star* (7-10yrs)

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Participants share positive messages with others that express what they have learned so far in Free Being Me.


Star Shaped pieces of paper or card
decorative craft materials eg: Coloured card, pens, pencils, glue


Ask participants to get into pairs.

We’ve seen that the media spends a lot of time telling people there is only one way to be beautiful, and that looks matter more than anything else. We know that’s not true, so we’re going to keep speaking out to share a different message. Let’s tell the people we know that there’s not just one way to be beautiful, and looks aren’t the only thing that matter. Let’s encourage everyone to appreciate themselves without worrying about trying to look the way the media tells them to.

Give each participant a star-shaped card, and help them to write down a positive message that they would like to share with others, encouraging them to celebrate who they are and challenging the idea that everyone should try to look a certain way.

Here are some ideas:
You are a star just as you are.
You are much more than what you look like. You are beautiful!
Be proud of your body, it is amazing!

This is a quiet exercise, but participants should feel comfortable to talk to their partner to help decide what they want to say.

Encourage everyone to take time to decorate their star.

Before ending the session take a group photo with everyone holding up their stars (or photograph the stars alone, if you don’t have the appropriate permissions to photograph your group members.)

Why not share your photo on www.free-being-me.com?

Now, challenge participants to put their star on display somewhere other people will see it. This could be at home (either inside or outside), on a display board
at school or a local community centre, as a photo on their blog or social media page, or any other creative place. Encourage participants to display their star where they think the most people will see it!

As an extra challenge, ask the participants to try and say the phrase to different people as many times as they can before the next session.

If some participants in your group might find this hard, pair them up with an older or more confident participant and encourage them to help each other.

Make sure participants understand they need to ask permission if they want to display their star in a public space.


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