IGG Free Being Me Session 4 Ringa Ringa song from Burundi (7-10yrs)

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Participants enjoy celebrating their strengths and identity and practise being body confident


The song sheet


In some countries in Africa, women use songs and stories to teach girls to be confident and proud of what they look like. This is a popular song from Association des Guides du Burundi, Africa. Every line has the same tune.

people in Burundi love dancing and singing! Get your group into the positive mood of the song by encouraging them to clap, sway, and dance. Practise Ringa Ringa both in Kirundi (the language spoken in Burundi) and in your own language.

The leader sings or chants a line, and the group repeat it. The leader replaces ‘Lucy’ with the name of someone in the group, and ‘smile’ with something great about that person, changing every verse until everyone has been celebrated. When someone is named in the song, encourage them to dance if they wish.
The words are pronounced phonetically.

If you have a very large group, split it in half to ensure everyone can be celebrated in the song.

Have a go at learning the Kirundi words. If it gets too diffi try singing just in your own language.

Once the group knows the song, encourage them to come up with ideas for what to celebrate about their friends – or themselves


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