B2-2 Circle Games (2)

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Aim: To enjoy playing games in a circle. Introduction: To build an element of activity into circle games. Also to build on skills, senses and agility. Following instructions is an important element of this topic. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack, Body B-2-2


Activity 1

Activity 2
• Blindfold
• Bell

Activity 3
• Chairs
• Cards

Activity 4

Activity 5


Activity 1 - Circle Footy

Aim: To pass the ball across the circle to a partner and knock down the cones.

• Mark a large circle out and clearly mark the centre with a smaller circle or an X.
• Place cones within the centre circle or around the X.

• Each player stands on one side of the circle and has a partner standing directly opposite.
• Between them they have one football.
• If there is an odd number the leader can join in or task a child with righting the cones.
• One player passes the ball to their partner trying to knock over one of the cones.
• Their partner must then pass the ball back also trying to knock over a cone.
• The game ends when all cones are knocked down.

It may be necessary to practise passing between partners before getting into the circle. Having different coloured balls may help.

Extension Tasks / Adaptations:
• Take away cones or make the circle bigger depending on the size of the group.
• Turn into a competition to see which team can knock over the most cones.
• Allow the children to use any ball that comes to them after they have passed to their partner.
• Play offs can be used where the leader times each pair to see how long it takes them to knock down all the cones.

Activity 2 - Cow Bells

Aim: Teamwork and using senses.

• All the children must sit in a large circle facing into the centre.
• One child is then blindfolded in the centre and is the Cow’.
• The cow should then be spun around in the centre of the circle.
• The leader then introduces a bell which each child rings and then passes around the circle.
• When the leader touches or points to a child they must stop ringing the bell and hold it quietly.
• The cow now has to guess who has the bell and must point to where they think it is.
• If the cow is right he/she swaps with that child and the game is repeated.
• The game continues until each child has had a turn.

• Demonstrate how you want the bell rung or the children may get carried away.
• Tell a story about how the cow is lost and needs to hear the bell to find their way home.

Activity 3 - Circle Jam

Aim: To get from your chair around the circle and back to your original seat.

• Set the chairs out in a circle and make cards that each child will be given.
• All the children sit on a chair placed in a circle (there should be more chairs than children).
• Each child must remember which chair is their starter chair and each child is then given a card.
• These can be made beforehand. Pick colours, animals, foods, cars etc. Only have four types of card.
• Give out one card per child and make sure that the children repeat back to you which card they have.
• Then the leader holds onto any leftover cards and picks one of the types e.g. red, pizza. dogs.
• The children who have this card move one chair to the right in the circle. If someone is already sitting on that chair they sit on their lap.
• This applies if there are two sitting on the chair.
• If there is more than one child sitting on someone’s lap, only the child sitting on the top is allowed to move over to the next chair. After everyone moves over, the leader calls out another card to start the next round.
• The child that moves around the circle to the chair they began with is the winner.

Tips / Advice:
Use cards and images that the children can identify with.

Activity 4 - Spy School

Aim: To escape from the circle.

• A child is chosen to be the spy.
• All the other children form a circle, facing inwards holding hands tightly.
• The spy will ask if they may enter the spy school, ‘Please may I come to the spy school and learn how to be a great spy?’
• The children in the circle let the spy in and then the child spy in the centre must walk around the circle once and then try to escape.
• If they are captured by the hands, which must not be released, they must pick a new spy and go back in the centre of the circle.
• They will then try to escape when the new spy has joined them in the middle.
• They may only pick one escape route at each turn.
• When they try to escape, they will exit at different points of the circle. If both successfully escape then the leader picks a new spy to enter.

Tips / Advice:
Have a practice run so that the children know not to let go of each other’s hands.

Activity - Body Swap

Aim: To swap places and find a chair.

• This is a game with children sitting on chairs in a closed circle, with the leader in the middle to start the game.
• Depending on what you want to use as your theme the leader says, “Change places if your birthday is in May.”
• All the children who were born in May must get up and move to another chair and the leader should sit on one of the chairs as the children move.
• The child left in the middle without a seat stays there and asks the next question, ‘Change places if you have a brother and this continues until each child has had their turn in the middle.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack, Body B-2-2


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