Paper Bridge Challenge

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Build the longest bridge that will hold a weigh the longest using newspapers


For Teams
1 Free Newspaper (such as the Metro) per team (n) plus n*4 spare newspapers
A ball of string - such as you can get in poundshops
1 roll of cheap tape (poundshop quality) per team plus a few spares

For leaders
Toy Cars/Lorries/Buses
Stopwatch (can be on mobile/cell phones)


Challenge your section to build a bridge the length of the hall (or other set distance of your choosing) using the resources provided.
Each team gets one newspaper, 1 ball of string, 1 roll of tape and "money".
The money can be in any form buttons, old badges paper discs/notes etc. or even an amount of points
A set amount if given to each team and they have to use this "money" to purchase extra materials. The challenge is to have the longest and strongest bridge but using the minimum amount of materials

I have attached some demo files of "money" that I have made. I can customise them for your groups, just drop me an e-mail to The full customisation includes group name, scarf/necker, group badge. I can will also remove Bear Grylls if you so wish.


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