Tie Dye T-shirt

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Make a Tie Dye T-Shirt


T-shirts - 1 per Scout
Elastic Bands - about 10 per scout
Coloured Dye: Seek advice depending on your die. 8floz oz (or 2 packs) of Rit Dye does 5-10 t-shirts (more if you're using multiple colours)
Pack of white cotton napkins (optional, for extra dying/experiments as a time filler)

You may want to pick dye colours of your group and/or the Scouting purple and green plus a bright colour like Yellow.


Tips: Dye the lighest colours first

5 Min: Settle everyone down in a circle. Show some examples of tie-dye for those who haven't seen it. Explain that it work by tying the material tight so dye does not seep in to some areas, then dying the loose areas. We'll be dying with 2 colours - so you can dip each end of your tied up t-shirt in a different colour.
5 Min: Describe the methods shown below, encourage the scouts to experiment and think about how it might turn out.
15-20 min: Give out t-shirts and elastic bands and start applying the bands. Once tied, dip one end into a colour #1.

Play a game, do something else for 30 minutes while the dye soaks in (check your dye instructions in case this is longer)

10 minutes: Return to the dying carefully remove the t-shirts from the light-colour dye - squeezing out any excess and being careful of clothes! You probably want the Scouts to wear gloves
Dip the other end of the t-shirt in a darker colour.

The Scouts are now done - unless they're also doing the finishing.

30 minutes later (check your dye instructions in case this is longer):
Follow the directions for your particular brand of die to finish up. This may mean leaving the t-shirts to dry before removing the bands, washing or spraying with a fixer.

Don't forget the fixer!

Rinse really really well. Then rinse some more. Rince each tshirt individually until the water is almost clean, then rince them until it runs clear (or wash in a machine).

Ideally machine wash before returning to the parents to reduce the risk of any more colour bleeding at home. Send home with a notice to be careful of colour run (get any other warnings from the packaging of your chosen dye).

Spiral Deign:
- Pinch t-shirt in the centre with the spiral will begin
- Twist until t-shirt is in a spiral shape.
- Bind spiral together with elastic bands
- Apply desired colours to t-shirt to sections
- Turn over
- Repeat
- Allow to Dry
- Remove Elastic Bands
- Wear.

Fire Cracker Design
- Roll T-shirt into a sausage.
- Elastic Band 1/3 of the way down from top
- Elastic Band 1/3 or the way up from bottom
- Add desired colour to the top of the t-shirt above elastic band.
- Add desired colour to the bottom of the t-shirt below elastic band.
- Make sure evenly applied all the way around
- Allow to dry
- Remove elastic bands
- Wear.


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